Why tourmaline is good for your body

Tourmaline, a special gemstone that works very well on your feeling. Wear this stone close to your body for a cleansing and protective effect.

What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a group of minerals. It contains, among other things, aluminum, iron, lithium or magnesium. These compositions provide 'piezoelectric' properties that are very good for body and mind. The word tourmaline comes from the Singalese "Tura Mali", which means "Mixed color stone". Tourmaline is very colorful, it can represent all colors of the rainbow. There is even an ancient legend from Egypt who said that a tourmaline has traveled a long way from the inner earth to the sun. This road ran across a rainbow where it captured all the colors of the rainbow. To this day, tourmaline is still called the "jewel of the rainbow".

Operation of tourmaline on your mind

Because of the piezoelectric properties tourmaline works very well on body and mind. It ensures that body, mind and soul form one whole. If you want to be more creative, tourmaline is the gem you should wear on you, because it also provides wisdom and creativity. With tourmaline you feel better, and more certain, because it lets negative energies flow to the earth. Blockages are removed from both your aura and your physical body.

Operation of tourmaline on your body

In addition to the spiritual effect, tourmaline also works well on your body. It helps to get strong bones, teeth, nails and hair. In addition, it detoxifies the body and reduces nerve pain. It is also good for the skin, hormone balance and immune system. This ensures that tourmaline is also very suitable for people who have just had surgery or, for example, for women, after a birth.

Besides the healing powers, tourmaline also protected. Nowadays we have radiation all around us, from masts, telephony, wifi, you name it. Tourmaline protects your body against all these radiations, which makes you feel more relaxed and more vital.

Tourmaline in clothing

That tourmaline is good for body and mind is clear. But, wearing a stone in your pocket all day is not ideal of course. A piece of jewelry is possible, but not everyone can wear jewelry, for example during work. NanoCurve wants people to feel more confident in body and mind. That is why we have used this gemstone in our undergarments. This way you wear this healing gemstone scattered on your body, so that you make optimal use of the special and unique effects of tourmaline.

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We developed special clothing made from bamboo and tourmalin. Better for body and mind.

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