Undergarments for after a pregnancy

To become fit again after a pregnancy is the biggest challenge for all women. The right clothes can help!

A pregnancy is a heavy and exhausting battle for your body. Perhaps even the heaviest thing your body ever endures! It is therefore essential to work on your body again after a pregnancy. Get back in shape, so that you can live optimally and of course; enjoy your little one. 😘

You work on your body by eating healthy, living healthy, exercising and keeping your head cool. But besides all these physical things, you can always use some help, because your clothing also contributes to your recovery.

Undergarments of bamboo.

Bamboo clothing; soft, hygienic, and durable. It is the perfect material to wear after a pregnancy. Bamboo is nice and soft, so especially for your skin good and comfortable. In addition also antibacterial; perfect for your recovery.

Soft undergarments

After a pregnancy your skin can be a bit of a struggle, of course with stretch marks, but also your hormone balance. Bamboo undergarments are soft for the skin. It does not irritate, does not itch very suitable as underwear for after your pregnancy.

Nice and fresh

Bamboo fiber absorbs moisture better than other textile types. As a result, the formation of bacteria does not stand a chance, making bamboo fabric very suitable for sports after your singing.


Whoever places a child on this world should also contribute to a better world. For the child and for yourself of course. Bamboo grows very fast. This makes bamboo very durable and a perfect alternative to cotton.

Undergarments with tourmaline

Tourmaline, who does not know it? Well a lot of people! And that is actually quite a shame, because tourmaline has a lot of very positive effects on our body! It is a gemstone that has certain 'piezoelectric' properties, which has very good influences on our body and mind. It causes negative energies to flow to the earth and blockages are removed from both your aura and your physical body. In addition, it works healing; it detoxifies your body after the pregnancy and is good for the skin and your hormone balance. Perfect for after the pregnancy.

In another blog we will go deeper into tourmaline. Curious about our underwear for after the pregnancy?

More information?

We developed special clothing made from bamboo and tourmalin. Better for body and mind.

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