Nano Curve, an introduction

Welcome to Nano Curve’s website! This first blog will explain in more detail what Nano Curve stands for. This will happen in three parts whereby it is discussed what Nano Curve exactly is, what is does and for who it is. Enjoy reading!

What is it?

Nano Curve is a smart bodysuit consisting of natural products such as bamboo charcoal fibres and tourmaline. These bodysuits are wearable under your clothes and provide a more secure feeling. This also makes clear what Nano Curve stands for: make sure everyone feels secure in both body and mind. Celebrate the good things is our starting point whereby feeling physically well forms the basis. The bodysuits are available for both men and women and are obtainable in two colours.

What does it do?

The bodysuits from Nano Curve have many advantages from which a couple are highlighted in this paragraph. Firstly, the bodysuit takes care of lifting the buttocks, hips and stomach. In addition, it improves the shape of the waist and ensures a better posture. The natural products of which the bodysuit consists, have their own effects. The tourmaline, which is incorporated in the small dots on the bodysuit, emits a certain radiation which can have a positive effect on the immune system, the metabolism and your mood. The bamboo charcoal fibres that are incorporated in the material, ensure that unpleasant odors and the formation of bacteria are prevented.

Is it suitable for me?

Nano Curve suits everyone, but the focus is mainly on people who want to feel more secure. The bodysuits improve your posture and correct the places on your body where needed. Nano Curve wants to offer a solution for people who are somewhat insecure about their body and also wants to ensure that people feel good in their own bodies. 

Feel secure. Try Nano Curve.

More information?

We developed special clothing made from bamboo and tourmalin. Better for body and mind.

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